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Beetl - Ace

The Beetl Ace is constructed of a a highly-figured Black Walnut top, a solid Mahogany tone body and Maple veneer between the two. The Mahogany and Black Walnut three piece through-body neck has Maple veneer neck and body joins which come together to create a guitar with a strong well- articulated bass and mid-range and a clear treble.  The Ace comes standard with a balanced set of Ballurio S1.DCPA (Ceramic) Bridge PU and  S1.SCR (Ceramic) Neck PU to deliver a full range of tone with a "fat" sound.

Model BE.C3S1

Body Solid Mahogany tone body
Figured Black Walnut top
Maple veneer
Seamless body-to-neck heel
Neck Through-body three-piece Mahogany and Black Walnut neck
Ebony-bound Maple Heartwood fingerboard
Headstock Standard through neck
Hardware Gold Schaller locking tuners
Gold recessed Tune-O-Matic fixed bridge
Electronics Ballurio S1.DCPA & S1.SCR PU
Volume, 5-way PU Selector with Standard Tone
Finish Natural Gloss Hand Rubbed Tung Oil finish     Gold Mother of Pearl inlays and fret markers
Extras Standard Gig bag or Optional Hardshell wood case
Standard Warranty package
Ballurio Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Ballurio Premium Paste Wax
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