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Ballurio Guitars Custom Electronic Components

At Ballurio Guitars we invest considerable time, effort and money in the development of our electronic components for all of our guitar needs.  All our components are designed to provide both flexibility and quality insuring long life and carefree operations. 

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6-Way Tone Switch

      5-Way Pickup Selector

InLine Low Noise High Gain Preamplifier Ballurio Guitars' preamplifier circuit uses filters to remove unwanted hum and high frequency noise, ensuring a clean output signal throughout the audio range.  The preamplifier has state-of-the-art integrated circuitry and active filtering techniques to minimize radio frequency interference and improve signal-to-noise ratio in the usable audio frequency range.  The active filtering provides a useful frequency range of 16 Hz to 20 KHz.  Additional information can be found here.

6-Way Tone Switch Ballurio Guitars' 6-Way Tone Switch uses a high quality six-position rotary switch made exclusively for Ballurio Guitars by Grayhill USA.  This high quality switch has exceptional characteristics, including very low noise and an average life greater than 100,000 cycles. The switch, designed by Ballurio Guitars, is used on all our guitars with passive pickups. The Ballurio switch is a dramatic improvement on standard industry linear potentiometers, providing greater control over frequency. The switch easily replaces a standard tone pot, requiring no guitar modification. The 6-Way Tone Switch has only two connections, making it compatible with many guitar circuits.  Additional information to follow.

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