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Ballurio Guitars: Inline Low Noise, High Gain Preamplifier

The Ballurio Guitars’ preamplifier provides 30 dB voltage gain - more than sufficient for most low impedance guitar and bass guitar electromagnetic transducer applications.


The preamplifier circuit uses filters to remove unwanted hum and high frequency noise, ensuring a clean output signal throughout the audio range.  The preamplifier has state-of-the-art integrated circuitry and active filtering techniques to minimize radio frequency interference and improve signal-to-noise ratio in the usable audio frequency range.  The active filtering provides a useful frequency range of 16 Hz to 20 KHz.

A D.C. power supply in the range of 3 to 30 volts may be used to power the active preamplifier circuit. With 9 V battery power, the current drain is less than 1 mA, ensuring long battery life.  When using external power supplies (non-battery) adequate filtering should be used to ensure maximum noise immunity.

Ballurio Guitars Inline Low Noise, High Gain Preamplifier
Application Hints

The Ballurio Preamplifier is well suited for use with low impedance transducers that produce low output signal levels. When used as an inline amplifier, the circuit may be placed immediately after transducer coil switching (Figure 1). The preamplifier may also be placed in line at the alternate location between the volume and tone circuitry and the final output stage (Figure 1). 

(Figure 1)


DC Supply Current:         < 1 mA @ 9 V
Input Impedance:           100K Ohms
Maximum Input:            ~ 100 mV Peak (with 9 V supply)
Maximum Output:          ~ 3.3 V Peak (with 9 V supply)
Voltage Gain:                30 dB
Frequency Response:     ~ 16 Hz to 20 kHz – 3 dB
THD at 1V 1 kHz:           <0.1 %
S/N Ratio:                     > 60 dB at 1V output

Color Codes:

Preamplifier Output         Green
Power +                         Red
Ground                          Silver (Common)
Input                             White  
Power -                         Black

Note: Ensure that the proper connection to power supply is established.  An incorrect connection renders the component inoperable.  An incorrect connection is not covered under the terms of this guarantee.