Ballurio, January 1st, 2003:

Manassas, VA:  Greetings, Happy New Year!  My New Year hope is that 2003 will be a happy, prosperous and safe year for all.  

Knowing my "slight" guitar fixation, I thought I might share some exciting news.  This year I was able to find and purchase the guitar that I have been after for a very long time.  I'm excited about this purchase as it is an extremely rare Ibanez guitar called the Artfield.  The guitar was in Germany but has now made the long journey to the States.  I've had it for only a brief time and it has already lived up to my high expectations.  It's hard to find an Artfield, let alone find someone who will part with it as owners of these guitars seem decidedly reluctant to part with them.  I was lucky on both counts.  My thanks to Wendy for the wonderful gift and to Gert for making the international transaction seem like child's play!  As the Artfield is not yet on the web site, I thought I'd include a picture to satisfy the curious.

As we move into the New Year our promotions continue.  The promotional 2 for 1 sale on Guitar9 went so well that we have extended it for the month of January.  The offer provides a free copy of my CD Spider Dance with every copy of In The Machine purchased.  So if you would like a free copy to play or just to give away, then  I encourage you to take advantage of this limited time offer!   

In The Machine received a great review in December's issue of the guitar magazine 20th Century Guitar.  The review was written by Robert Silverstein who is the review editor.  I've included the text for you to read or you can visit the following link on Music WebExpress 3000 (Robert's site for all his reviews).   

"The phrase ‘progressive instrumental rock’ really doesn’t do justice to the 2002 CD from VA.-based guitarist Ballurio. As good as his 2000 record, Spider Dance was, in retrospect it was really the stepping stone on the road to the brilliantly conceived In The Machine. Tastefully described as ‘an instrumental exploration of guitar rock from the perspective of melody and orchestrated guitar’, the 2002 release of In The Machine takes Ballurio’s one of a kind approach to progressive, hard rock, instrumental music soaring to new heights. While the guitarist wrote, arranged, performed, programmed, produced, engineered and mixed the nine track In The Machine himself, there’s no shortage of stunning musical ideas and studio craft on hand. Although in the past he’s been compared to greats like Steve Morse, Steve Vai and even Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream, Ballurio delivers the breakthrough CD he promised with the superbly crafted In The Machine."

The marketing for January also includes a full page advertising spread for In The Machine in the next issue of Progression Magazine.  The magazine should be on the shelves in early January and should include a review.  They have a tough review editor but I believe In The Machine will shine.  

Thanks again for your support! 

Play it Loud!   - KB

Other News Items:

Also, thanks to those of you who have stopped by to check out the new Web site (  The traffic at the site has been very heavy.  If you haven't checked it out,  feel free to stop by and leave me feedback. 

Remember Ballurio has released two limited edition posters.  My resident graphic artist has done a great job and you really need to check them out!

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