Ballurio, February 1st, 2003:

Manassas, VA:  Greetings, I want to thank all of you who have helped make the start of this year so cool.  The CDs In The Machine and Spider Dance are selling well throughout many parts of the world.  The 2 for 1 promo (buy In The Machine and receive a free copy of Spider Dance) offered on Guitar9 was a great success.  A special thanks to all of you who purchased them as Christmas gifts.  We are starting a new promotional this month that provides a free copy of the In The Machine poster with a purchase of the CD from CD Baby directly from Eigg Island Sound.  The poster is the art work of Wendy Beck who flawlessly captured the concept of the CD. 

The new Progression Magazine is on the shelves.  In The Machine has a full page ad (page 10) in the magazine and  Michael Popke gave In The Machine a great review (page 122).  I've provided a copy of the review below.

"Fuzzy guitars, modulated vocals and dancing particles of electronic converge of Keith Ballurio's second CD, In the Machine. This is an edgy, primarily instrumental record that explores one man's musical perspective on modern life and sonically conveys the emotions of everyday existence. Augmenting the music is a captivating CD booklet that includes quotes from the likes of Englishmen Robert Burton and William Shakespeare.

The album opens with the creepy "Critical Mass," six minutes of throbbing, mind-twisting molten metal that crescendos to a symphony of quirky keyboards. That's followed by the dark and rhythmic title track, which gives way to "Swing Shift" -- a less intense but still heavy composition that will challenge your speakers. "Shedding My Skin" is a haunting acoustic piece, and "Metallic Salad" sounds so much like classic Van Halen that you half-expect David Lee Roth to chime in.

Ballurio wrote, arranged, performed, programmed, produced, engineered and mixed all nine tracks on In the Machine -- a phenomenal feat when you consider just how seamless this disc sounds. A sentence in the liner notes states that "all music is specially formulated to be played loud!" So crank this sucker up!"

- Michael Popke - Progression Magazine  

Thanks again for your support! 

Play it Loud!   - KB

Other News Items:

In The Machine has been picked up by Fossil Records (a progressive music CD distributor).  The paperwork is complete so next month I will provide you with new links for purchasing it through Fossil.  Additionally we have gone online with Compact Disk Services out of the UK with the CD Spider Dance which is a featured title on the site (, follow the links to Featured Titles.   

Also, thanks to those of you who have stopped by to check out the new Web site (  The traffic at the site has been very heavy.  If you haven't checked it out,  feel free to stop by and leave me feedback. 

Again, I'm having a great time reading mail and e-mail from all over the world (You just wouldn't believe the number of Ballurios in Italy).  The translations have been sketchy at best but thoroughly enjoyable.  Keep your comments coming! 

Remember Ballurio has released two limited edition posters.  My resident graphic artist has done a great job and you really need to check them out!

For the month of February purchase a copy of In The Machine from CD Baby and receive a free copy of the In The Machine poster!


In The Machine Audio Tracks:

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In The Machine is now available at Guitar 9 and many other CD retailers.


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Spider Dance is now available at Guitar 9 and many other CD retailers.