Ballurio, December 1st, 2002:

Manassas, VA:  Greetings, first I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.  As I move toward the New Year I will be starting some new promotions.  For the month of December Guitar9 will be providing a free copy of my CD Spider Dance with every copy of In The Machine purchased.  So if you would like a free copy to play or just to give away, then December is your month of opportunity!   

The marketing for the season also includes a full page advertising spread for In The Machine in the next issue of Progression Magazine.  The magazine should be on the shelves around the 20th of December and should include a review.  They have a tough review editor but I believe In The Machine will shine.  

Another advertisement is planned for the magazine 20th Century Guitar.  The ad first ran in the November issue but the December issue (due to hit shelves on December 1) should also have a review of In The Machine in the Instrumental Guitar section.  

Just to let you know what your support has done for the CD, In The Machine made it to number 2 on the Guitar9 Heavy Metal Charts and is sitting in the top 50 Most Popular  - so thanks to everyone for making this CD such a success!!!  Remember In The Machine makes a great Christmas present, particularly with the 2-for-1 promotional at Guitar9.

Thanks again for your support! 

Play it Loud!   - KB

Other News Items:

Amazon and Borders have now picked up In The Machine for distribution so if they are your vendors of choice...go for it.

Also, thanks to those of you who have stopped by to check out the new Web site (  The traffic at the site has been very heavy.  If you haven't checked it out,  feel free to stop by and leave me feedback. 

Had to add this item.  Been having a great time reading mail and e-mail from all over the world.  The translations have been sketchy at best but thoroughly enjoyable .  Keep your comments coming! 

Remember Ballurio has released two limited edition posters.  My resident graphic artist has done a great job and you really need to check them out!

Holiday Special this month only!
Buy a copy of In The Machine and receive a free copy of the CD Spider Dance!


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Spider Dance is now available at Guitar 9 and many other CD retailers.