Ballurio On the New Studio CD, In The Machine November 3rd, 2002:

Manassas, VA:  Greetings, this is somewhat of an impromptu newsletter as I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you who purchased the CD In The Machine.  Within one week of its release, the CD has made it into the top 50 for most popular overall and most popular in heavy rock on Guitar9.  The feedback and reviews have been very positive.  We have some radio stations lined up in Germany and a huge marketing campaign starting this month and lasting through April of 2003.  Thanks everyone for making this such a success!!!

Thanks again for your support! 

Play it Loud!   - KB

Other News Items:

The Ballurio CD In The Machine is now available at CD Baby.

The Ballurio Web site has been completely updated, stop by and check it out

Additionally, Ballurio has released two limited edition posters.  These new posters are available in  limited numbers and will be signed by both the artist and Ballurio.  They are only available on the Ballurio web site.   Check them out!

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The CD is now available at Guitar 9 and many other CD retailers.


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The CD is now available at Guitar 9 and many other CD retailers.