Ballurio Announces Release of His New Studio CD, In The Machine

Manassas, VA:  Ballurio announces the release of his new CD, In The Machine.  The CD is a confluence of 9 songs (total playing time 50:20) expressing the gamut of emotions engendered by modern society.  In The Machine is edgier than then his previous CD Spider Dance, moving Ballurio's trademark orchestrated guitar work into new territory.  From the first track, Critical Mass, the tone is set, unfolding  and embracing various musical genres and styles.  And as always, this music is specially formulated to be played loud!

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Additionally, Ballurio has released two limited edition posters.  These new posters are available in  limited numbers and will be signed by both the artist and Ballurio.  They are only available on the Ballurio web site.   Check them out!

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Well the new CD is here, just a little shy of 2 years, and quite a bit of studio time...  I hope that you enjoy it.  The CD is really a departure from my last CD, Spider Dance, as I approached it more holistically.  It is  a collection of songs that have a common point of reference and flow into each other, rather than just a bunch of songs.  To me, In The Machine is a statement about how we interact as people - a metaphor for the machinery we call society and how we "plug in".  Without filling your head with a bunch of psycho babble, it's my statement about modern society.  Well, I'll drop the diatribe... the CD rocks, listen and get whatever you get, cause that's what really matters...

Thanks again for your support! 

Play it Loud!   - KB

The CD is now available at Guitar 9 and many other CD retailers.


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The CD is now available at Guitar 9 and many other CD retailers.