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Ballurio began studying classical music at an early age.  His first instrument was the piano but he quickly shifted to the guitar and by the age twelve was playing in local bands - local being New Jersey. By his early teens he was performing with the east coast bands Monarch and Mantis. At the age of twenty-two, he moved to England where he continued to study the guitar, although he augmented his electric guitar skills with the acoustic guitar. He played throughout Europe - at times busking in England's underground (the Tube) for extra cash. England was where he studied under several influential teachers who introduced him to the music of the sitar and the musical genres of blues and jazz.

Returning to the United States in 1979, he moved to Florida and using his acoustic, played throughout the Orlando area.  In the early 1980s he moved to Virginia, and continued to work on his songwriting skills, starting to include synthesizers in the song mixes.  He released his first music compilation called "Musica Ambiens" in late 1989. The recording contained ten songs and was a combination of new age and rock, a music genre he called "Composite Music".  It was during this early exploration of music that he became fascinated with instrumental music, which became the emphasis of his song writing.  Ballurio believes it is easier to write a song that imparts a particular emotion when using voice, after all it is the dominant way we, as humans, communicate.  He finds that the ability to relate emotion without words using only music is an exciting challenge for any songwriter.

In 1997 Ballurio began work on his second compilation and focused on an instrumental exploration of guitar rock from the perspective of melody and orchestrated guitar.  He constructed his first studio where he spent a number of years pulling wires and laying tracks, and by June of 2000 mastering had started, by September the CD was in production. The CD, Spider Dance, debuted November 2000.

Ballurio's latest project was approached from the complete CD perspective, creating a CD that was more than the sum of it parts.  More progressive than Spider Dance, In The Machine is rock music that captures the emotions stemming from modern day life and society.  The nine tracks of In The Machine move Ballurio's music into new territory, exposing his skills as artist, songwriter and guitarist.  The music is both lyrical and hard, edgy and subtle, a blend of many musical genres wrapped in a progressive rock framework.  The CD In The Machine debuted October 2002.


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