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In The Machine - audio files

Critical Mass (complete mp3 song)

In The Machine (mp3 excerpt)

Swing Shift (mp3 excerpt)

Action Figures (complete mp3 song)

Shedding My Skin (mp3 excerpt)

Rare Earth (mp3 excerpt)

Metallic Salad (mp3 excerpt)

Mise En Scenes (mp3 excerpt)

Dragonfly (mp3 excerpt)



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In The Machine

Ballurio's latest CD, In the Machine, offers a glimpse of the modern world through the eyes of a talented guitarist and songwriter.   In the Machine's edgy instrumental perspective on man and humanity encompasses many genres of  music making use of the sounds of modern life and the emotions they engender.

From the first track of this instrumental guitar CD, Ballurio assaults you with driving rhythms and infectious guitar rifts, leading you through a world that is familiar and yet somehow alien.  On In the Machine, each song is orchestrated to unfold layers of sound, delivering captivating and haunting melodies wrapped in heavy guitar fretwork, bass and drums.  This CD can be best described as "harmonious yet edgy delivering great guitar work combined with strong song writing."   In The Machine Reviews.


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Spider Dance - audio files

Cadillac Mountain (complete mp3 song)

Rimshot (mp3 excerpt)

Spider Dance (mp3 excerpt)

Wendy's Song (mp3 excerpt)

Greenhouse Blues (mp3 excerpt)

Dakota Flats (mp3 excerpt)

Carbon Based (complete mp3 song)

Hammered (mp3 excerpt)

Blues Lament (mp3 excerpt)

Lullaby-in the blink of an eye (mp3 excerpt)


Spider Dance

Three years in production, Spider Dance contains ten songs for just over 40 minutes of sound, ranging from hard-edged rock to blues with jazz undertones. The CD was recorded at Lake Jackson Studio in Virginia and released on the independent label Eigg Island Sound. All of the tracks on the CD are instrumental; written, arranged, performed, produced, engineered and mixed by Ballurio. The CD is kick-started by the track "cadillac mountain" [track 1] a fast-paced rock tune showcasing Ballurio's "finger-nastics" working the guitar's frets to fill the air with sound. The title track "spider dance" [track 3] is a rock ballad blending a hint of middle eastern spice with well-orchestrated rock. The songs "dakota flats" [track 6] and "carbon based" [track 7] show some interesting curves and rhythms with complex bass and drum patterns adding punch to the mix. The song "blues lament" [track 9] is a soulful anthem that uses the guitar to evoke powerful memories of the turbulent 1960s. Harry Brookes of Sunset Productions in Annapolis, Maryland provided the final mastering... Spider Dance Reviews.


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